Smartone-Vodafone logoFinally Smartone-Vodafone released a tariff plan that address the usage habits of iPhone users in Hong Kong. The yet unnamed "iPhone Unlimited" tariff plan from Smartone-Vodafone will cost HKD238.00/month + HKD12.00 (MTR fees) for unlimited HSDPA data usage along with a 18-month contract.

Most mobile Hong Kong phone users and readers of my blog know, Smartone-Vodafone has in the past, differentiated what they refer to as "Internet Browsing" and other HSDPA data usage. This has been one of my pet peeves for years. I always thought mobile carriers should focused on delivering the best connection possible to their customers, rather than coming up with complicated ways to charge their customers for using the connection.

Welcomely this new "iPhone Unlimited" tariff plan does not include the above local data usage differentiations. It only exclude tethering; the use of the mobile phone connected to a computer to act as a HSDPA modem, and roaming data usage from the "unlimited" definition.

As all of you who used iPhone tethering know, mobile carriers cannot tell the difference between traffic via iPhone tethered to a computer and regular HSDPA data traffic on the iPhone from native applications.

Since I currently do not have a contract with my tariff plan at Smartone-Vodafone and my monthly bill had been over HKD300.00, I will seriously consider signing up for the new plan in the next few days before my bill cut off day.

If your current extra data usage is costing you more than HKD45.00 per month and you still had not used your iPhone to its fullest, I would recommend you consider this new plan.