It appears that many who had jailbroked or unlocked their iPhone 3G[S] did not know what they are doing or had not ask the friend who knows, like myself, before upgrading their iPhone to version 3.1 of the firmware. It is very important that BEFORE anyone upgrade they save a copy of their unique iBEC and iBSS files before the perform the 3.1 upgrade. Failing to do so will, at the moment, made the iPhone no longer unlockable or jailbreakable. These files will also not be obtainable afterwards.

I will not go through the instructions here, instead a very detailed and easy to follow steps are documented at for the iPhone 3GS. If you own other models you can locate respective instructions there.

The bottom line is that hacking the iPhone is a technical procedure, reserved for people who knows what they are doing and should NOT be attempted by users who are not.

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New iTunes 9 NoticeIf you run the Software Updates on your Mac or Check Updates from within iTunes you will find that Apple had updated iTunes to 9.0. There are many discussion about iTunes 9.0 all over the Interweb so I will not do it again here.

Along with the new iTunes Apple had released the iPhone firmware 3.1 (technically 3.1.1) for the iPhone and iPod Touch. In doing so, Apple also reduced the cost of upgrading the iPod Touch to USD4.95. For those who held out when the iPhone firmware 3.0 came out, there are even more reasons to get it now.

The iPhone users who have jailbroken or unlocked their iPhone using unofficial methods should stay away from both iTunes 9 and the iPhone firmware 3.1, at least until the iPhone Dev Team releases new versions of their software. Accidentally upgrading your iTunes to 9 and more importantly upgrading your iPhone to firmware 3.1 may prevent you from ever unlocking the iPhone accept via Apple's official methods.

iPhone 3.1 Update Notice

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iPhone 3G With 3.0It has only been two weeks since the release of iPhone firmware 3.0 and Apple has already released the first beta version of firmware 3.1 to its developers. The folks at has some details on what's new in iPhone firmware 3.1 so far:

  • The baseband has been updated to 5.08.01 - Ultrasn0w users should not use the iPhone OS 3.1 beta, otherwise their iPhones could be permanently locked!
  • iPhone 3GS - When you’re trimming your videos you now have the option of saving the original video by tapping the “Save as copy” button.
  • Voice Control is finally working over bluetooth now!
  • When you move your icons around the iPhone vibrates
  • MMS is enabled by default but does not work for AT&T users
  • The AT&T profile is updated to 4.2
  • Improvements to OpenGL and Quartz
  • There’s now a VideoEditorController API - Allows third party apps to call up video editing UI
  • Video picker API

I personally do not know of any significant reasons for jailbreaking the iPhone. If Apple's cat-and-mouse with the iPhone Dev Team continues, there's even less reasons to do so.


Ever since iPhone firmware 2.x Apple had allowed the carriers to disable the ability to edit the APN settings on the iPhone. Fortunately, there is a way around this issue. The are perfectly justified reasons for any iPhone users wanting to change the APN settings. One reason, is to enable data service at a foreign country with a local SIM card.

There are two different methods of accomplishing this. One is for iPhone that are factory SIM-unlocked (ie. iPhones from Australia, Belgium, Canada [iPhone 4], France, Hong Kong and UK [iPhone 4]), the other is for iPhone that had been jailbroken or unlocked using one of the many 3rd party hacks available.

iPhone that are factory SIM-unlocked

  1. Download the iPhone Configuration Utility.
  2. Create a new Configuration Profile by clicking on the New button in the Toolbar.
  3. In the General tab enter the required profile Name and Identifier (ie. "com.vinko.profile").
  4. Go to the Advanced tab click on the Configure button to enter the edit pane.
  5. Enter the APN information for the carrier in question.
  6. Click the Share button in the Toolbar to send the configuration file to an email address that you can receive on your iPhone.
  7. Open the email on your iPhone, double click on the attached configuration file and follow the instructions to install it. Trust and/or Allow if it ask you about the configuration file.

iPhone that are jailbroken or unlocked using 3rd party hacks

  1. SSH to your phone
  2. Edit the carrier.plist file in /System/Library/Carrier Bundles/. In my case "SmarTone_hk.Bundles". Add the following snippet


    right after the code block

    <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
    <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC “-//Apple Computer//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN” “”>
    <plist version=”1.0″>

After you made the necessary APN changes. You should be able to access the Cellular Data Network settings within Settings → General → Network → Cellular Data Network

If you do not see this settings in Network you may have to restart your iPhone.

For APN settings in Hong Kong please see my post, MMS With iPhone 3.0 On iPhone 3G.