iPhone 3G With 3.0When I the create the post, To iPhone 3G S or Not?, I was not able to enable the MMS function on my iPhone 3G. Before I explain how to enable MMS on an iPhone 3G running the iPhone 3.0 firmware, let me explain my context.

My iPhone 3G is the officially "SIM unlocked" version of the iPhone 3G directly from Apple Online Store Hong Kong. It capacity happens to be a 16GB version. I installed the iPhone 3.0 firmware "Golden Master" version onto my iPhone.

The following applies to any carrier situations, no matter whether the carrier in question is an official carrier partner with Apple in the country.

[Update: 12:10, June 18, 2009] Added MMS settings for PCCW. Please note that these settings had not been tested on the iPhone. Please leave a note in the Comment section if you're a PCCW customer and tried it on your iPhone 3G.

[Update: 13:01, June 18, 2009] Thanks to reader Jon for pointing out the typo in the MMSC for Smartone-Vodafone.

[Update: 14:01, June 18, 2009] I just received some news from Smartone-Vodafone that contradicts the information I received from them in two separate occasions, which is the fact that they do not charge their customers for receiving MMS.

The latest information is that they will charge HKD0.04/KB; a maximum of HKD12.00/MMS, to receive MMS.

This comes back to my original point I always had with MMS, the technology will not get wide adoptions and acceptances by consumers until the carriers remove these ridiculous pricing.

I for one will not use it!

I encourage all to not use it and ensure you do not pay the fees to show our disgust.

[Update: 17:11, June 18, 2009] Thanks to reader Karay who pointed to a person calling himself "markmall_hk" on UWants.com, I have now updated the MMS settings for all mobile carriers in Hong Kong.

[Update: 01:10, June 20, 2009] Added settings for CTM in Macau.

[Update: 01:20, June 20, 2009] Thanks to reader Niels for the China Unicom 3G settings in mainland China.

[Update: 01:30, June 20, 2009] Thanks to reader Ju for confirming the settings for PEOPLE.

[Update: 15:10, June 20, 2009] Thanks to reader Todd for confirming the settings for CSL

[Update: 22:00, June 23, 2009] Thanks to the folks at iPhoneHacks.com we now have a set of instructions for our US friends who are stuck with AT&T.

[Update: 12:15, June 24, 2009] Thanks to reader Filipe for supplying the settings for CTM Macau non-prepaid SIM card customers.

[Update: 16:00, June 25, 2009] I just double checked Smartone-Vodafone's web site and it clearly states that "3G SmarTone-Vodafone customers" can receive MMS for FREE.

So I do not understand why the previous Customer Service representative claims that I have to pay the HKD0.04/KB when I clearly told her that I was on a 3G plan, plus she had my account opened in front of her.

[Update: 12:00, June 26, 2009] Added the instructions to enable to the "Cellular Data Network" option within the Network settings pane.

How to Enable MMS on iPhone 3.0

  1. Ensure you have a 3G plan with your mobile carrier. A data plan is not necessary with regards to MMS.
  2. Ensure the carrier had not blocked the MMS function from your account. In Hong Kong most carriers would not do so, unless you request them to do so.
  3. On your iPhone go to the Settings -> General -> Network -> Cellular Data Network settings and input the MMS settings specific for your carrier. The exact values for each of the fields will depends on your carrier. Do not worry if your carrier representative tells you that they do not support the iPhone. Be assertive and obtain the MMS settings: APN, Username, Password and MMSC. Most carriers would not have a Username or Password.

    If you do not see the "Cellular Data Network" option within the Settings -> General -> Network settings you can do one of the following depending on which OS you're on.

    Operating System Steps
    OS X
    1. Close iTunes.
    2. Start the Terminal (found in the /Applications/Utilities folder).
    3. Execute the command:
      defaults write com.apple.iTunes carrier-testing -bool TRUE
    Windows 32-bit
    1. Close iTunes.
    2. Go to Start then Run and type CMD.
    3. Execute the command:
      “C:Program FilesiTunesiTunes.exe” /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1
    Windows 64-bit
    1. Close iTunes.
    2. Go to Start then Run and type CMD.
    3. Execute the command:
      “C:Program Files (x86)iTunesiTunes.exe” /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1

    The following are the settings. Note that the APN is case sensitive.

    Carrier Settings
    Smartone-Vodafone APN = smartone-vodafone MMSC = http://mms.smartone-vodafone.com/server MMS Proxy =
    PCCW 3G APN = pccw MMSC = http://3gmms.pccwmobile.com:8080/was MMS Proxy =
    PCCW 2G APN = pccwmms MMSC = http://mmsc.mms.pccwmobile.com:8002 MMS Proxy =
    3 HK APN = mobile.three.com.hk MMSC = Username = 3 Password = 1234 MMS Proxy =
    CSL APN = hkcsl MMSC = MMS Proxy =
    New World APN = mms MMSC = http://mmsc.nwmobility.com:8002 MMS Proxy =
    Peoples APN = peoples.mms MMSC = http://mms.peoples.com.hk/mms MMS Proxy =
    CTM Macau APN = ctmprepaid MMSC = http://mms.wap.ctm.net:8002 MMS Proxy =
    CTM Macau (non-prepaid SIM) APN = ctmmms MMSC = http://mms.wap.ctm.net:8002 MMS Proxy = MMS Max Message Size = 307200
    China Unicom 3G (China) APN = uniwap MMSC = http://mmsc.myuni.com.cn MMS Proxy =
    • The "MMS Max Message Size" settings is optional but Smartone-Vodafone has a size limit of 307200 (300KB) where they charge HKD3.00/MMS.
    • For the PCCW settings you may want to try it first without the MMS Proxy settings.
  4. After these information are entered, you will need to restart your iPhone. Hold the Power button until the slider comes up asking you to slide to the right to shutdown the iPhone. Go ahead and shutdown your iPhone and then restart it.
  5. When the iPhone had restarted, on your iPhone go to the Settings -> Messages settings and ensure MMS is turned on. You can optionally turn on "Show Subject Field" if you like.

You should see an extra Camera icon when you compose a message in the Messages (previously known as "SMS") application.

In the Photo album application you will see an extra option to share your photo via MMS.

Please feel free to leave settings for your respective carriers in the comments and I will update the table above.

iPhone 3G imageThe question that many are asking themselves after Apple's keynote announcement on Monday (June 8th, 10:00 US EDT) is, "should I upgrade to the new Apple iPhone 3GS?" This is a reasonable question to ask as rumors of the cost of the new iPhone models are in the USD600 and USD700 range without a new 2-year contract with the respective carrier.

Many of you know, Apple also made available the "Golden Master" version of the iPhone firmware 3.0 to its developers for testing. This software when released will be free to all existing iPhone and iPhone 3G users.

Therefore to help everyone answer the question "should I upgrade to the new Apple iPhone 3GS?", I thought I offer a features comparison of the new iPhone firmware 3.0 running on the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS.

Feature iPhone 3G iPhone 3GS
Cut, Copy & Paste X X
Spotlight Search X X
Forward message (SMS) to someone else X X
Selectively delete messages X X
Voice memo X X
iTunes App Store parental control X X
Locate your iPhone (will require a MobileMe subscription) X X
Connections to Dock Connector API compatible devices X X
Sending MSM (depends on mobile carrier) X X
CPU speed 412MHz 600MHz
System RAM 127MB 256MB
Camera resolution (Megapixel) 2.0 3.0
3G Data or HSDPA speed (depends on carrier) 3.6Mb/s 3.6Mb/s 7.2Mb/s
Tethering (depends on mobile carrier) X X
Voice commands X
Magnetometer (digital compass) X
Record and edit videos X
Accessibility X

We still do not know the exact SRP for the Hong Kong market, and most importantly, will Apple continue its previous practice of selling "SIM unlocked" versions of the iPhone without contract from its carrier partner, 3 HK?

If Apple will keep things status quo then we can expect the prices of the iPhone 3G S models to be slightly lower than the previous SRP (HKD5400.00 and HKD6200.00) of the iPhone 3G, and with official "SIM unlocked" versions of the iPhone 3GS.

I think Apple realizes by now, people in Hong Kong do not like contracts even though prices of the committed contracts are very attractive. As people in HK, on average, change mobile phones every 15 - 16 months.

If you do not yet own an iPhone you definitely will benefit from the features offered by the iPhone 3G S.

If you own an original iPhone you will really enjoy the faster speed of the iPhone 3GS.

If you already own an iPhone 3G and had purchased it within 2009, I suggest you wait until next June (2010) to see what the next version of iPhone will look like.

All of you should have heard by now, Apple announced the new iPhone 3GS last night (HKT) during the WWDC '09 keynote speech. Apple Online Store HK quickly updated their pricing of the iPhone 3G 8GB to HKD4288.00 when the keynote ended, but Apple fail to provide a pricing for either of the iPhone 3GS models (both capacities: 16GB and 32GB) or availability on their site.

WWDC 2009 iPhone 3GS Release Schedule Page 2 Although, from the slide that Phil Schiller showed (which apparently I missed last night, while watching the keynote via UStream, Gizmodo and MacRumors) the iPhone 3GS will be available in Hong Kong July 2009 along with 23 other countries. Based on past experience, this date may only apply to purchases from "3 HK"; Apple's official carrier partner in Hong Kong. I am hoping that this is not the case, and it will it be available to the "SIM unlocked" models sold through Authorized Apple Resellers and Apple Online Store in Hong Kong.

AT&T also announced pricing for the new iPhone 3GS models. With early upgrade prices at USD399.00 and USD499.00 respectively for the 16GB and 32GB models. This comes with a USD18.00 upgrade fee and a 2-year contract. So if that is correct, the estimated SRP (list price) from Apple Online Store HK will most likely be the previous HKD5400.00 and HKD6200.00 fo the 16GB and 32GB models.

One thing Apple also did during this keynote/product announcement was to offer feature improvements to their existing Macintosh product line while lowering their prices. I hope this carries through to the "Officially Unlocked" versions of the iPhone 3GS sold in Hong Kong.

I guess only time will tell and we just have to keep a close eye on Apple Online Store HK.