• getting ready for work again; on a Hump Day. #
  • is off to work. Late... late... late!!! #
  • is off to lunch. I guess Starbucks again. #
  • back from a Starbucks lunch. #
  • had a chance to catch Canada cyclist leading his olympic event in Beijing. #
  • is done work for the day #
  • Now have to decide what to have for dinner #
  • Finished a curry beef dinner at home #
  • @laylomay sorry for the late reply. The one I went to last night was Shake 'em Buns, and yes they do have veggie burgers #
  • is going to bed now. Good night all. #
  • @laylomay Triple O's is the other burger joint I like in HK. The third is MOS Buger #