Starting at 16:00 (GMT+0800, aka HK time) close to 200 cities around the world will began their local Twestival. This year the event is to raise money for Concern Worldwide in support of their efforts with educating children around the world.

If you cannot make it to the event in Hong Kong at 19:00 (GMT+0800) Staunton's Wine Bar & Cafe or at your local city, please make your donations via PayPal using the FLASH widget on the home page of the Twestival Hong Kong site.

You can also come back here and watch the LIVE UStream broadcast of the event starting 21:30 (GMT+0800).


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After 5 months of testing, back and forth with Mozy support and eventually being assigned a Mozy Macintosh developer to resolve my issues encountered I was finally able to backup my selected files to the Mozy server automatically.

This was all accomplished with version of Mozy Client for Macintosh.

Today Mozy informs me that there is a new version ( (24503)). Strangely my Mozy client did not know there was a newer version, even though the Mozy Preference "Install updates automatically" was set. I guess and hope this is because Mozy Client for Macintosh is still in Beta.

I downloaded the new Mozy Client for Macintosh and uninstalled my copy of Mozy deleting all configuration files. This is because I want to make sure I am experiencing the new Mozy Client like all other users would.

The following is what I noticed and issues encountered:

  1. It appears that Mozy have added a few more standard set of files to backup in their Configuration window. Given that Mozy Home (free version) only has 2GB of storage available, I do not believe Mozy should select the kind of files by default in the Configuration window.
  2. Also in the Configuration window some of the file types did not have the correct number of files and total size calculated properly. By this I mean that some of the file type were showing -8,xxx,xxx files and ridiculous size. This cleared up after I saved the configuration, restarted the Mozy Client for Macintosh and re-enters the Configuration window.
  3. I then clicked on the "Start Backup" menu item from the Mozy Menu, nothing seem to happen. The Mozy icon in the Menu Bar did not change. I then selected the "Show Status Window" from the Mozy Menu and the following is what shown.Mozy Status Window
    This is very strange, as I cannot believe Mozy would allow this latest version to going backwards in quality. So I clicked on "View Log File..." from the Mozy Menu.

    The Console application opened showing the content of the Mozy.log file. Apparently the Mozy Client is doing something, and what it is doing appears to be related to performing a backup. So I again selected the "Show Status Window" menu item from the Mozy Menu and it still displays, "No Backup Yet"

  4. A welcome change is that Mozy reorganized the Mozy Menu by grouping related functions together using a divider to separate the different groups.

I will be passing these findings to my contact at Mozy immediately and hopefully these issues require just minor tweaking.

I was about to give Mozy for Macintosh a "5 Thumbs Up" after a whole month of use, with uneventful successful backups, but now with the latest version I am reluctant to do so.

Please see my original article "Problem with Mozy" for background.


Mozy Logo

After being assigned a specific contact, Ben, from the Mozy Macintosh Support, the responses from Mozy has become much more efficient and specific. I hope this is something that Mozy has recognized and changed for future Mac users.

Anyway, on with my experience on this version of Mozy for Mac ( (23015)) which Mozy released on August 24, but I was not able to try it out until this morning.

Since I just reinstalled the application, I have yet to confirm is my previous problems have been corrected as reported by Ben. The most noticeable difference with this latest version is that they had changed the icon for the application throughout: in Mozy Status, Mozy and MozyBackup (the latter is a background application).

Unfortunately, with this latest version some other issues with the configuration has creep up where I did not encounter in previous version.

  1. The setup wizard was stuck at trying to log me onto Mozy site. I had to quit and restart the Mozy application before I was able to try again. Then when I tried again it came up with the error message:

    Mozy could not log you in. Please try again or contact us at

    (Error: (null))

    Which is a very useless message.

  2. During the attempt to configure Mozy, it keep displaying a error dialog stating that "... no backup had started.", and this dialog is modal but did not alert me at all. It appears to come from the Mozy Status application, and the dialog is hidden behind all my other active application window including Mozy.
  3. I was finally able to get pass the log in after 3 attempts, Mozy would not stop scanning my drive. The checkbox also started to jump around on the window after I clicked on the "Apple Mail" checkbox. So I quit the Mozy application and tried again. I then encounters the problem logging on again. After a few more attempts (quitting and restarting the Mozy application). It finally able to log in and successfully finish scanning the hard drive.I don't think the Mozy application should allow the user to click on any of the Checkboxes while it is still scanning the hard drive for the different categories of files and before it finishes "Loading Account Information".
  4. For some reason the controls (Throttle Slider, the Edit Fields for the Throttle Duration in the Performance pane of the Mozy application Preferences window is very sluggish. The first time I accessed the Performance pane of the Mozy application Preferences none of the other pane (General and Scheduling) were accessible. I had to restart the Mozy application, and I was not able to reproduce this.I do not think that one should be allow to make any changes to the Mozy configurations with the Mozy application when a backup is in progress.
  5. Using the Activity Monitor I see that the MozyBackup application is marked as (Not Responding). This usually happens when it is not being friendly to the other applications that are running on the Mac. This is with my Throttle settings set to 768Kb/s between 09:00 - 03:30 and the test were performed at 14:00 local time.Strangely during this time I see that the Mac does not have any network traffic, the backup is still in progress; with the status message "Communicating with server". Speaking of the Status window. There should be a preference to keep the Status Window above all other application windows or let it go behind when another application become active.

I had never figure out the answer to this question

Does the fact that the Apple Mail application is running and emails are coming in and out from various different accounts effect Mozy's current backup, when the Apple Mail Messages is chosen in the Configuration and one type of content to backup?

Why does the Mozy Status Window show "Backing up 258.3MB (14,677 files)"? When I chose the categories of files to back up, the "Apple Mail Messages" alone was over 2GB plus I also chose "Application Preferences" and "Keychains". The three categories together in the Configuration window shows 2.1GB (65,354 files). Is the Status Window only showing one category at a time?

I will report back when the backup is complete (hopefully).

Please see my original article "Problem with Mozy" for background.


Mozy Error Message

Today I received a reply from Moyz Support on my last report of problems with their Mozy for Mac version (1.0). This time it only took 3 days for them to reply.

The one thing different about this, is that during the past 3 days, someone from Mozy sent me an email saying that a specific Mozy Macintosh Technical Support representative (Ben) will follow up on my issues.

Unfortunately, as in the past their tech support gave, in my opinion, a very ridiculous solution for a backup software.

Thanks for sending us the log file. We have been seeing this with the latest version of the Mac Beta and are working to address it. For the most part it seems to be intermittent. You can still back your data up for the time being, it just wont be as convenient since you will just need to restart the backup when it happens or leave it on automatic so it re-attempts every 2 hours. The next release of the beta software will address this.

As most of you will agree, for a backup software, reliability is one of the most important thing to have, and if the user does not know if the back up is successful, or if whether it was actually done. These are not good traits for a backup software to have.

I immediately reply to the Mozy Support copying Mozy Mac Support ( and Ben.

I then received a reply from Ben, indicating that the new release coming out tomorrow will resolve my problem. I am eager to try and see if this next version will indeed resolve my problem.

As always more to come...

Please see my original article "Problem with Mozy" for background.


Mozy Error Message

When the set up and scanning of my Mac went some what smoothly I thought Mozy has finally corrected all the problems for this “Alpha class” software for the Mac.

After numerous attempts of the background Mozy application trying to back up my 2.2GB of data to Mozy server. I spent some time looking at the mozy.log (/var/log/) file that Mozy support and pointed me to previously. What I found was very disturbing. I see many many occurance of error:

2007-08-19 05:12:41.651 MozyBackup[7590] (triton) NSCFInputStream error: NSError “POSIX error: Operation timed out” Domain=NSPOSIXErrorDomain Code=60 2007-08-19 05:12:41.651 MozyBackup[7590] (triton) disconnecting… 2007-08-19 05:12:41.653 MozyBackup[7590] (send) Batch failed: NSError “Error com.berkeleydata.Backup.ErrorDomain -2147483648? Domain=com.berkeleydata.Backup.ErrorDomain Code=-2147483648 UserInfo={ ErrorCodeNameKey = ConnectionError0; ErrorMessageKey = “Unable to connect to backup servers”; }

Over the 2 hours that the backup had ran so far, it encountered this error 8 times. The most disturbing part is that after each occurrence the backup would continue from an arbitrary spot.

Although, I have yet to find out from Mozy support what these errors means, but it is not making me feel secure that Mozy is a reliable backup mechanism.

My recommendation is still… DO NOT RELY ON Mozy on the Mac at the current version.

Hopefully more to come after I receive some responds from Mozy support.

Please see my original article "Problem with Mozy" for background.


Mozy Error Message

I finally have time to try Mozy again. So I installed it again, followed the setup and allowed it to run in the background. After Mozy ran for 2.5 hours an error dialog appeared with the following message:

Unable to connect to backup server (ConnectionError0)

The dialog has a hyperlink on the error message, when I clicked on it, it brought me to a web page on Mozy’s site telling me that this is a rare error and that I should send the following information to Mozy (

  1. The operating system you use (i.e. Windows XP)
  2. The version of Mozy you are using. (Right click on the orange “M” icon in the bottom right by the clock and click “status.” When that window opens you should see a version like
  3. Do you have any firewalls on your computer?
  4. Who is your Internet service provider?
  5. Do you have any anti-virus or spyware software?
  6. Which error code is displayed? (i.e. MozyClientError2, ConnectionError1)

Of course I again reported this to Mozy Technical support ( So now I just have to wait for Mozy to reply.

Please see my original article "Problem with Mozy" for background.


Mozy Error Message

Mozy support finally replied to me on August 1st but there were two conflicting replies from Mozy support. One tells me to try the new version and the other the other instructed me to go into command line and execute the following:

$ cd /Library/Application Support/Mozy $ sudo rm -f state.db

it is quite obvious the latter was taking the brut force approach to try to solve my long standing problems. It became apparent that “Karl” is the one who is correct, who asked me to try downloading the new version ( (332))of Mozy for Mac.

I finally had a chance to reinstall Mozy today and now Mozy appears to be doing its thing. I had configured it to backup all my emails, System Preferences and Keychains. This had already cause it to reach the 2.2GB storage limit for a free account.

According to the Mozy Status window it still has another 4 hours to go. It had ran for about 10 minutes thus far, with a bitrate of approximately 80KB/s.

So what I’ve learned is that Mozy for Mac should be classified as an Alpha status software and not as beta.

One should send all technical enquiries relating to the Mozy for Mac to and not the regular email address. You should always reply to the address even though emails from Mozy does not have that as their reply address.

During the backup, I quit most of the running applications, including Apple Mail, as I was asking it to backup all my emails. I wonder what would happen if I continue to use my Mac regularly and Mail keep downloading and deleting emails. Will these actions confuse Mozy backup?

More to report after the backup is complete.

BTW: some of you may notice in the comments of this article, there is a Mac user who had a great deal of problem retrieving the backup (approximately 30GB) from Mozy for a restore. Although, my backup strategy will not require me to have a large backup, but I do have emails dating back a far as 10 years ago in my Mail database. I would be interested in hearing more experience from Mac users who had tried to restore their Mozy backups.

Please see my original article "Problem with Mozy" for background.


Mozy Error Message

Mozy support replies to me asking me to send them the log file. They first tells me to go to “C:”, which was silly as that was terminologies for a Windows OS computer.

I had to send them an email reminding them that I was using Mac OS X. So now they tells me that the Mozy log file can be found within the Mac OS X file system


So I quickly found the file and sent it to them.

A few hours later they tell me that i am encountering error “ConnectionError0?. Which I was not surprise, as that was what I told them in my original bug report back in July 1.

In the same email, they tells me that “ConnectionError0? means that Mozy is having problems accessing port 443 and asked me to open this port within my Mac OS X Firewall.

So, I replied back to Mozy technical support, asking why does Mozy need to access port 443 and asked whether port 443 is the default port of HTTPS access. Plus none of my other programs have problems accessing ports 443.

Up until now they [Mozy Technical Support] still have not given me any explanations as to why Mozy needs me to open port 443 in my Mac OS X Firewall.

I am guessing that Mozy is setting up a HTTPS server on my Mac to allow Mozy’s own server to retrieve data from my Mac OS X system. Is this a good idea? As I am not a network expert so I cannot tell.

Please see my original article "Problem with Mozy" for background.


Mozy Error Message

Now I am running Mozy for Mac OS X version It no longer requires me to be in an account in Mac OS X with administrator rights. As I had pointed out previously that is definitely not a good idea.

Now when I ran Mozy on my Mac, it keeps triggering Little Snitchwanting to contact various servers through port 443. Although, I am uncertain what these servers are; as it only displays the IP addresses of the servers rather than their domains, I still allowed Mozy and MobBackup access.

Shortly after Mozy ran for about 20 minutes it encountered an error “ConnectionError0?. So I reported this to Mozy Support.

Dear Sir/Madam,I had encountered a problem while Mozy was attempting to backup my Mac.

Mac OS 10.4.10 Mozy v0.6.0.0 Mac OS X’s built in Firewall is turned on Internet is accessed from a Router (Apple’s Airport Extreme Base Station) via the ISP, Netviator (a service offered by PCCW in Hong Kong). No anti-virus application running other than LittleSnitch, which had already set to allow Mozy (the entities Mozy and MobBackup) access to servers/ports that it asked for. Currently ports 443 (https) for the following servers: The error message displayed is “ConnectionError0?

Please see my original article "Problem with Mozy" for background.


On Monday Apple Inc. released the Beta version of the next major version of Safari at the opening keynote of WWDC '07 (2007 Worldwide Developers Conference). Apple released versions for Mac OS 10.4.x, Mac OS 10.5, Windows XP and Windows Vista. Since my primary system is Mac OS 10.4.9, I only downloaded this version for review and my impressions below are only based on this version.

Before I start I want to give everyone a little background. Last week when a vulnerability was found in both Internet Explorer and Firefox I switch back to Safari 2. It had been almost 4 years since I use Safari as my primary browser, and I was surprised to find that Safari felt faster than FireFox 2 (my previous primary browser). Now with Safari 3, it is even faster. Of course this is non-scientific and it is based on real life usage of it for a week.

I operate an online retail business, Vinko's Treasures, and the backend system for my operation is completely web based. So I noticed the speed improvements right away only after a few days.

In Safari 3 I did not find too many new features or features that are better than FireFox. Most of the new features in Safari 3 are just catch up features to the default (without any 3rd party Extensions) FireFox 2. These being:

  • Inline search: rather than having a dialog that pops up for the user to enter the search term. Safari 3 now displays a thin bar ("Search Bar") at top of the browser just below the Tab Bar or Bookmark Bar; depending on what you have visible. After the results are found, Safari will dim the entire page and highlights the found terms on the page. 

    Safari 3 Search

  • Movable Tabs: you can now drag the Tabs back and forth. Rearranging them in any order you like.

    Movable Tabs

The new feature I found so far, is what the user can do with Tabs. They can take a tab like the one above on the right and open it in a new window. This can be accomplished by performing a Control + Click (or right click) on the Tab Label, which brings up a contextual menu. From here you then choose the menu item "Move Tab to New Window".

The "Mac" way of doing the same thing is just to drag the Tab out of the Tab Bar and let go, like you would with icons on the Dock or Finder Sidebar. Unlike these other User Interface elements, doing so here will cause a miniature version of the Tab window content to show for a second, then a new browser window with the Tab window content will open.

As with Expose activation, holding down the Shift key will cause the animation of this behaviour to be in slow motion.

Tab in New Window

All in all I am fairy happy with Safari 3. It did install a new WebKit so some of the Widget I use in Dashboard no longer works, but that is expected for a "Beta" classification application.

Due to my work, I do use Mail, Dashboard and Safari 18 hours a day. So far I have encountered no crashes; knock on wood.