Movie Review: 211

My Rating:


This evening I saw the movie 211 on AppleTV. I must say this is one of the worst if not the worst movie I have ever seen. Unfortunately, this is not the first bad movie with Nicholas Cage. It is so obvious that the whole movie was filmed at a backlot. Don’t get me started on the dialogue, it was horrible.

I should have paid attention to the Rotten Tomato rating for the movie before I pay to rent it,

 Nicholas Cage performance was typical, he just doesn’t have any other character. The characters are weak and doesn’t get time to develop. I have no idea what the purpose of Sapir Azulay’s character Jacobs in the movie. She plays an Interpol agent that goes around claiming she has been hunting the bad guys and pretending to be tough.

Rating Legend:


Must watch before you die


Wait for the DVD


Buy from AppleTV


Rent it on AppleTV


Waste your time elsewhere

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