10 Countries With The Most Workers

Rank Country # of Workers
1. China 803,300,000
2. India 516,400,00
3. USA 153,100,000
4. Indonesia 108,000,000
5. Brazil 99,470,000
6. Russia 75,100,000
7. Bangladesh 69,400,000
8. Japan 66,070,000
9. Nigeria 50,130,000
10. Pakistan 49,180,000
  World Total 3,001,000,000

Statistics are based on those from 2007 or latest year available, people in the age range 15 – 64 who are employed. Excluding unpaid groups.

It is not surprise the country with the world’s highest population and the country that manufacture majority of he world’s goods ranked number 1.

Source: CIA, The World Factbook 2008 – International Labour Organization

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