10 Top Carbon Dioxide Emitting Countries

Here are some of the places you may want to avoid on your next vacation.

Rank Country Tonnes of CO2
1. USA 1,650,020,000
2. China 1,366,554,000
3. Russia 415,951,000
4. India 366,301,000
5. Japan 343,117,000
6. Germany 220,596,000
7. Canada 174,401,000
8. UK 160,179,000
9. South Korea 127,007,000
10. Italy 122,726,000
  Top 10 Total 4,946,852,000
  Global Total 7,497,252,000

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emission in 2004.

As you can see 66% of the world’s CO2 emissions are from the top 10 industrial countries, we really should pay more attention to these figures before it is too late.

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