10 Top Global Retailers

Rank Retailer Name, Country Retail Sales (USD)
1. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., USA 344.992B
2. Carrefour, France 97.861B
3. Home Depot, Inc., USA 90.937B
4. Tesco Plc, UK 79.976B
5. METRO AG., Germany 74.857B
6. Kroger Co., USA 66.111B
7. Target Corp., USA 59.490B
8. Costco Wholesale 58.963B
9. Sears Holdings, USA 53.012B
10. Schwarz Unternehmens
Treuhand KG, Germany

2006 Financial year.

You may want to use this list to decide which to avoid.

Source: Stores magazine, 2008 Global Powers of Retailing

1 Comment

  1. That's impressive. Walmart is roughly the same size as the next 4 largest retailers combined and it would be the 26 largest economy in the world.

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