Old Lady Playing Piano

Old Lady Playing Piano

Originally uploaded by Vinko T.

I found this old couple setting up an electric piano on the sidewalk last night (around 21:00) in front of one of the busiest MTR (subway) station exit in Wanchai and Minibus stop.

They are in their late 70s moving very slowly with many pieces of equipment, including their own mini battery to power the electric piano.

All this are their attempt to make a few bucks from the passerby on one of the busiest streets in Wanchai.

Has our economy come to this? Even the elderly have to be working on the streets. Mind you I am not sure why this lady chose the piano, because she is really bad at it. Most people would give her money because they feel sorry for her and/or may be to stop her from continuing.

This may also a sign of the audacity of Hongkoners to survive no matter how tough things get.

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