iPod & Your Car


For many years, iPod users like myself had been fumbling with various devices that allow us to pipe tunes from our iPods through the car audio system.

These solutions had been a combination of cigarette lighter connector for power and then a separate device for the audio. The latter being either a wireless FM Tuner or a tape cassette adapter. These sort of solutions resulted in cords laid out on our vehicle’s console. Then when you park your car, like me, you will go through the ritual of unplugging everything from your iPod and then packing it way.

Now Dension has come to our rescue. The Budapest, Hungary audio supply manufacture has come out with the product they called “Ice>Link:iPod”.

The Dension products is available with different connectors for various car manufactures’ built-in and after-market audio manufactures’ audio systems.

It will also display the current playing track’s ID3 Tag information on your head unit. The amount of information displayed depends on the head unit being connected.

All in all this Ice>Link:iPod product is a very clean solution for iPod owners who happens to also be drivers.

The product is available now at Dension retailers around the world.

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