Long Time No Talk

Many of you have pointed out to me that my Blog is out date.

Well I have no excuse for that. I do apologize to all those who check my Blog regularly.

On the subject of talk. When someone say, “let’s have a talk”, usually that means something no good is about to happen. Especially if it comes from someone who normally does not find time to talk to you out of the blue.

Very few people come right out and tell you that something bad is about to happen. Those who do, will say something like, “we need to discuss this sitting down” or “I have to tell you something important”. These messages give you enough warning so that you can psychologically prepare yourself for what is about to happen.

I think people need to be more brave and be more direct. Let’s stop talking “in between lines”. Just come right out and say it, of course you will need to be tactful while doing so.

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